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You may know her as the blonde babe in active-wear spicing up your Instagram, or the loyal other-half to this year’s World Rugby Awards’ Men’s Player of the Year, Beauden Barrett. But as we sit down with Hannah Laity of PricewaterhouseCoopers in The (virtual) Lounge, we learn the beauty followed on Instagram by 19 thousand and counting, has an interiors style all of her own. 


Hannah lounging in her living room with pooch Monty.


Your occupation / what you do for a living: I am an Accountant specialising in tax, currently studying to get my Chartered Accountancy. When I’m not at work I am usually walking my mini-schnauzer, watching rugby or entertaining friends/family. I love to travel, eat out and be outdoors.

What’s your earliest memory of home? My first birthday party, I vividly remember being parked up at the food table for the entire time.
If you could cook (or order, let’s be real) a meal for a dinner party of five people in your home, what would it be, who would they be… and what would you wear? Definitely roast pork belly. Guests would be a selection of close friends and I would be in active wear (as always!).


Make a statement as Hannah has done with feature cushions on couches and beds. Nkuku Linen Striped Cushion - $65.00


What’s your favourite newer piece of furniture in your home? Our waterfall dark oak coffee table, so subtle but so great.
And your favourite old piece? An old armchair which we got recovered in a grey crushed velvet.



An armchair can be a great way to add a timeless feature to your living space. Like Hannah has used, grey is a neutral tone that will blend in with your other furniture seamlessly. The Axe Hukanui Chair - $1045.00
How would you describe your home style? Classic, mainly black and white with a hint of colour.
How has this style changed over the years? I used to just go into furniture shops and want to buy the whole display, now, I like to collect items from different stores and seasons to make the space my own.
If you could have any sitcom apartment or home, whose would it be? Probably somewhere on Wysteria Lane (of Desperate Housewives fame) – never a dull moment.
Finish this sentence: My home is often… Full of people!


If like Hannah, your home is often more crowded than empty, a large dining table is an essential investment. Meraki Dining Table - $1775.00


Do you skew more toward comfort or style? Style.
Best housewarming gift you’ve ever received? Tall black candle sticks. They add great height to the dining room.

Hannah’s dining room complete with those to-die-for black candlesticks.

What’s a trend you’ve seen that you might get onboard with next time you re-decorate your home (or a trend that makes you want to re-decorate your home)? I love free standing bathtubs and marble vanities.
What in your home do you get the most compliments on? Most people appreciate the view we have over Evan’s Bay and the airport. It’s really nice to sit in the lounge with a cup of tea and watch the planes land.
Are you a “coasters on the table” kinda person, or more of a “stains give it personality” type? DEFINITELY coasters on the table. I have some really nice marble ones – simple yet effective.
If someone had a $500 budget to jazz up their bedroom, what would your tips be? Feature cushions on a bed make a huge difference, I’m also a sucker for velvet or linen bed heads.

A bedhead can instantly update and refresh your sleeping space. The Axe Feature Linen Bedhead - $300.00


What are your top 5 home decorating tips?                                                               

  • Buy what you love and it will all come together.                                                            
  • Shop around, don’t settle for the first thing you see
  • Fresh flowers not only smell amazing but look great
  • It’s ok if things don’t match!
  • Sometimes, less is more.

What makes a fantastic house party i.e “house party essentials”? Good food, good music and never a shortage in drinks!

Ensure the drinks stay topped up and have plenty of fabulous glasses on hand at your house parties. The Axe Champagne Glasses - $30.00.



Thanks for joining us Hannah! Check back for round two of The Lounge interviews coming soon.

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