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Here’s a toast to life and its ability to not always go according to plan. #TheAxeLife is about rolling with hiccups and making less than ideal “life situations” work for you. In this post we acknowledge that despite our best efforts to walk out the door a pristine model of poise, more often than not we're a closer resemblance to a hot mess. And to that we say “that’s ok”. Be hot. Be a mess. But, be a hot mess with a weapon (ie our make up bag filled with our favourite essentials). 

Our Meraki Print Makeup Bag may look minimal, but its understated dove grey exterior can be a fine home to our favourite daily essentials that will be your hero, when Enrique Iglesias isn’t available and you're running out the door sans-shoes and toothbrush in hand. 


Wellington Apothecary Sun Wind and Sea Facial Serum

Otherwise known as summer in a bottle (and prefect for ATM when Wellington's decided to prematurely go into autumn). This lightweight botanical serum is made with sea buckthorn and aloe to soothe, hydrate and calm all skin types. The perfect antidote to yesterday's wine o'clock in the sun! 


Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body Cream

One sniff of this floral knockout will have you slathering yourself in the scents of the tropics. 


Tailor Face Mist

This blue-bottled beauty is the perfect antidote to the not so bright side of summer - sweaty brows and melting makeup be gone! 


Tui Spearmint Lip Balm

Smooth over dry lips and go. The perfect hydration remedy to a night of a few too many (and the smell will totally hide that you didn't have time to brush your teeth the next morning). 


Maryse Mineral Dew

For some reason, the only glow we ever seem to get is those rosy cheeks synonymous with half a bottle of pinot... Thankfully Maryse is to the rescue with their Mineral Dew which enhances (or in our case, totally creates) your natural glow.


Karen Murrell Coral Dawn Lipstick

The last colourful weapon in our repertoire is Karen Murrell's range of lipsticks, available in an array of intense hues, from mauve to magenta. Perfect for making a statement (and drawing attention away from the bags under our eyes, courtesy of our latest Netflix binge). 


***All of our featured beauty products are proudly made right here in little ol' NZ. We can testify that buying local definitely lowers any shoppers' guilt considerably!

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