Meet the Maker - Belinda Cannon, Sophie Store.

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"I've always thought of accessories as an exclamation point of a woman's outfit". 
- Michael Kors

Sophie Store is our favourite accessory brand and we love having it at The Axe.  Belinda, founder and designer, creates affordable, timeless pieces without being 'on-trend' in a disposable way.  The range includes sterling silver and gold earrings, fun tortoise cuffs and hoops, summer hats and scarves.  The brand is named after Belinda's adorable daughter Sophie, a pretty cute legacy we think.

A great friend of mine compared scarves to cushions on your sofa - you can never have enough!  I completely concur!  The best thing about the scarves from Sophie Store how versatile they are.

As a terrified flyer I always wear a scarf on a flight, one little bump and it is over my head, this obviously doesn't make me any safer but at least I won't see anything on the way down!  They also make a great wrap/blanket for babies when travelling (as one very grateful Mum realised when she was about to board her plane sans her baby bag), are excellent beach cover-ups and of course you only need half the amount of outfits if you have a selection of scarves.

If you haven't worn a scarf for a while or you are in a styling rut, I loved this fun video, 25 ways to wear a scarf.


The Sophie hats are also a great travelling accessory - they squish just enough to be packed and bounce back perfectly!  Over to Belinda.....


What was the worst gift you ever received?
Can a gift be bad?! I genuinely think it’s the thought that counts. 

Did you re-gift it?
I’m too honest to regift, feels wrong! 

Socks or Undies?
Both! I absolutely LOVE socks, always have a few in my little stash of gifts, super cute patterned ones. And we have a tradition in our house that the boys always get Christmas print undies. 

What is the gift you have received you are most proud of?
The handwritten cards from the kids ALWAYS make my heart sing. It’s the little priceless things. 

A $50 gift for one person or a $5 gift for ten people?
I’d have to say a $50 gift for one person. We tend to buy for one person each in our family, makes it pretty easy! 

Ferrero Rocher or Roses?
Ferrero Rocher – can eat & eat & eat them and NEVER get sick of them. 

 If you could gift anything in the world to one person, what would it be and who would you be giving it to?
That’s tricky! I can’t possibly pick one person! I’d have to say good health & happiness for everyone (a bit of a beauty queen answer) – that far outweighs any physical gift we can give. 

What was the first gift you remember getting?
I got the Barbie & the Rockers stage when I was about 7. I stumbled across it in the boot of Mum’s car and pretended I didn’t see it. Was so chuffed! 

Do you still have it?
Unfortunately not, Dad HATES clutter so it would have been given away moons ago. My daughter Sophie would love it now! 


With a great proportion of gift-wrap used at Christmas being non-recyclable the thought of the huge pile of post-present paper is  a bit depressing.  I am sending my son's girlfriend in the UK (who I hope doesn't read this!) a gorgeous clutch bag and Sophie scarf for Christmas.  I decided to use the scarf and some ribbon as the wrapping for the gift and then pop inside a reusable, recyclable paper bag to keep it safe.  Problem solved (for one present anyway).  

It is hardly a gift tip to say that jewellery is a VERY GOOD GIFT!  If you are struggling in what to buy, jewellery will never feel like an afterthough and will always be appreciated. The ex oh studs in silver or gold are perfect for young people, teenagers and those of us a bit older and at $38 for gold and $36 for silver, make a great stocking stuffer.

All images from Sophie Store.

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