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Meet the Maker #5 and this time we are getting really local, our favourite skincare range is made within a 10 minute walk from the store!

After a long family interest in healing and nurturing as sustainably and naturally as possible, Wiki found herself wanting the luxury hand blended oils she was used to, but, while caring for her newborn son, her budget didn't quite extend to.

In her usual determined way Wiki practised, researched and developed a range of skincare and self- care items and Wiki skincare was born.

Luxury products that are completely natural and suitable for the most sensitive of skins (and souls), sounds too goo to be true?  It isn't, it is Wiki Skincare.
Over to Wiki...

What was the worst gift you can remember?.
A million years ago my gran gave my brother and I a last minute gift of assorted biscuits. While all our cousins got cool individual toys. 

Did you re-gift it?
We didn't regift, we ate them with Our cousins. 

What was the gift you have given that you are most proud of?
Last year I purchased a gorgeous shirt for my brother in-law who was having Christmas away from the family in Scotland and had Our friends give it to him on the day. 
That gave me warm fuzzies. 

A $5 gift for 10 people or a $50 gift for one person? 
A handpicked, thoughtful crystal /semi precious stone 

Ferrero Rocher or Roses?
I've a soft spot for Roses, my mum gives Us each a box every year, since forever. 

If you could give any person at all a special gift, what would it be?
It would be to my oldest son, a trip to Japan because he's my 'rock', super kind and the best big brother. 

What was the first gift you remember getting?
When I was 7 I got a soft teddy with tartan paws but I lost it soon after at the airport. 

TOP GIFT TIP:  If you are flying over the holidays then the w i k i skincare hydrating toner is a must.   A botanical toner with healing, herbal therapy it will ward off the dreaded dehydration while keeping you feeling fresh.  It makes a great make-up setting spray as well!

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