Whole Spicy Pickles 907g
Whole Spicy Pickles 907g

Whole Spicy Pickles 907g


McClure's Whole Spicy Pickles use a traditional family recipe passed on from Great Grandma Lala. Intermingled with cayenne and habanero peppers, these pickles have a kick. Layered, bold flavours and incredible crunch make for a unique pickle unlike others. Use the leftover spicy brine in a bloody mary or as a marinade for cooking.

Ingredients: Cucumbers (75%), Distilled White Vinegar, Water, Salt, Peppers, Garlic, Dill, and Natural Flavours.

Made in Detroit Michigan, USA.

Founded in 2006, McClure's Pickles draws inspiration from their great grandmother's recipe and their Michigan roots. They prioritize using fresh, locally-sourced produce and maintain a personal touch in every hand-packed jar, sharing their family recipe with the world.

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