Wood Care Guide

Prior to any use of your wooden surface, especially laminate or veneer – wood oil must be used for protection. 

We recommend CO products locally made Linseed Wood Oil on our wooden furniture. 

Oils penetrate, feed and harden the fibers of bare wood, giving a durable water-resistant surface not prone to chipping or flaking. Use wood oil on kitchen cupboards, bench tops, tables, chairs, floors, windows and doors or any other wooden surfaces. 

Apply oils with a cloth (or use a brush or sponge for larger areas and wipe over with a cloth to remove any brush marks). Thin coats are best – don't be tempted to put too much on at a time. 

Two thin coats are sufficient for most purposes on bare wood. 

On surfaces such as dining and coffee tables where spillage may happen we recommend immediately soaking up the liquid and letting it dry before buffing out with the wood oil.