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We feel so lucky to stock our store with handmade goods from all over Aotearoa and we love the makers who work so hard to create such beautiful things.

With you-know-what approaching, we wanted to know what gifts they love giving, what gifts allowed room for improvement and what their dream gifting scenario is.   

Starting in my hometown of Dunedin, former fine dining chef Dan and wife Jo make the most amazing (and fail-safe) range of gourmet seasonings, designed for flavour, flavour, flavour.  As well as individual seasonings the range includes variety packs and new (drum roll please) pocket salt, but more on those later.

Over to Dan...


What was the worst gift you ever received?
My grandad got me a VHS of He-Man when I was in my late teens (I had no interest in He-Man at this stage in my life). When I tried to watch it, it was a blank tape. 
Socks or Undies?
Socks as there’s more chance of someone noticing them.
What is the gift you have given you are most proud of? 
I recently found a Cliff Richard mirror for $10 in an Op shop for my brother in law. A real find and sure to get some laughs.
Second to Sir Cliff I would say a little teddy I got for my son when his was sick. Still cuddles it now bless him (when we can find it)
Ferrero Rocher or Roses?
Neither, I am more of a gummy bears and ice cream kind of person.
If you could gift anything in the world to one person, what would it be and who would you be giving it to?
This is a tricky question with way too many answers! I think I would surprise my mum with a bunch of flowers by turning up unexpectedly. As she is on the other side of the world and I have only seen her twice in 10 years I think this would be a pretty special gift for both of us. 
What was the first gift you remember getting? 
I don’t think I can remember my first gift but feel like I should redeem the same grandad that gave me the bung VHS. One year he got me a harmonica, I never learnt how to play it but I have always wanted to give it a go as it is one of my favourite sounds from an instrument.
Do you still have it?
Sadly not. As a chef I traveled around quite a lot and the only things I really took any care of was my knives and my records. 


Drawn a hunter or lover of fishing in your gift sweeptstake? 
The White fish gourmet seasoning (Jamaican style, cinnamon | cayenne | allspice) and Venison seasoning (rich & salty, cocoa | five spice | chilli) make a great $5 gift, shop here.
A fish multi pack or meat variety pack is great option if you want to get something a bit bigger, and they come boxed for easy gift wrapping shop here.
Buying for an obsessive over-seasoner or salt fiend?  Try the new Wild Fennel co. pocket salts,  15g of lightly flavoured sea salt perfect for hunting, camping and emergency seasoning (Marlborough flakey sea salt, celery, mustard seed, dill, cumin, caraway, black sesame), $5.50, shop here
For an incredible range of recipes (inlcuding Dan's famous red wine duck) and cooking tips check out the Wild Fennel co. website below or even better visit them at 23 George St, Port Chalmers.  Also if you haven't been to Port Chalmers, you should, it is amazing, go now.
Wild Fennel co.
Happy seasoning guys, Meg x
(all images in this post by Wild Fennel co.)

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