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You might have heard about the 'new mag' on the street and wondered who was behind it.  Well here you go, top 6 gift giving questions with Zack Holmes from Counter Journal, full of the most interesting stories you didn't know you wanted to read!

Issue three is on sale now, $15


What is the gift you have given that you are most proud of?

I got Bonnie and I tickets to see Passenger in Wellington a couple of years back - although I wasn't a huge fan of his music he is one of B's favourites.  We ended up having an amazing night and absolutely loved every minute of it.

If you could give anything to anyone, what would it be and why?

I'm not really a big gift giver so each year we'll do a donation of some kind instead.  On Christmas we put together a huge hamper of animal food and toys and dropped it off at the Nelson SPCA.  It was very rewarding and they gave us a private tour (we got to pat the goats) so I think I'd like to do that again.

One x $50 present or ten x $5 presents?

Definitely one $50 present, but it would have to be something 'expensive' as I truly believe in quality over quantity.  Perhaps a really nice mug, or a fancy Manuka honey, or maybe a good coffee table book!

What is your favourite Christmas food/tradition?

I used to love a good Christmas ham but since I went vego it would definitely have to be new potatoes cooked with heaps of butter, spring onions and cheese (a tradition in our family at least).

What is the favourite gift you have received and why?

Bonnie had a photo book made up of some of my street photography and it was a complete surprise!  She secretly sourced all the photos (sneaky) and when she gave that to me it was the first time I felt like I was a real photographer.  Until then I was only sharing stuff on IG which just doesn't have the same impact as a physical, printed product.

Do you still have it?

Of course!


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