The perfect lighting range?

Posted by Meg Domett on

Good lamps are hard to find, put them on the list with the perfect shoes that don't hurt, the perfect handbag, that holds everything while remaining classy and the perfect burger (don't get me started, yes I know some get close, perfect? really?).  But back to lamps - the Telegram 'dark and stormy' lamp & light range is s close as we are likely to get, matt black, beautifully proportioned & oh so sexy. 

Equally at home in a living room or a bedroom, they are the sort of lamps made for living, they encourage relaxation and rest, and apparently throw off near perfect selfie light (I couldn't possibly comment on that and trust me you do not want me to share a selfie).

Their are several options, table lamps, the Maiden floor lamp (my favourite) hanging globes and pendant lights.  Pop in to the showroom and take a look at the range (when you are here feel free to take that selfie).

Meg xx

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