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It's arrived...

BORNN have take a time honoured tradition and fused it with a contemporary and innovative approach to classic enamelware. 

With inspiration taken from the fascinating history of enamelware and by using traditional manufacturing techniques, BORNN aim to produce modern, unique and hand crafted pieces to help keep these skills alive.  All collections are produced in Istanbul by master artisans.  Seeking to empower our community by developing new ways for them to use their years gained knowledge. 

Aiming to produce a wide selection of premium quality tableware with artisanal touches; BORNN was founded in 2015 by two sisters Basak Onay and Oyku Thurston who both have backgrounds in creative industries. When they were global nomads growing up in Tokyo, Barcelona and Los Angeles away from their home town of Istanbul, they were exposed to different cultures and craftsmanship, which aspired them to create their own company that brings together years of developed skills and local heritage.

Enamelware is a time honoured and a time consuming process made by fusing glass onto heavy-gauge steel. Raw steel bodies are machine mulled or hand-formed, glazed and then kiln fired to create a smooth surface. The gorgeous BORNN products are fired using a traditional kiln which creates very high temperatures.  Depending on where an individual item is placed in the kiln, the degree impacts the colour intensity of the product giving each design a unique beauty and a point of difference.  Every piece in the Marble & Monochrome collections are hand made individually.  The patterns differ on each item showing the marks of its journey; "We see these differences as something special that gives our products a unique character to be enjoyed over time."

Take a peak at BORNN's divine Marble & Monochrome collections here... 

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