Wide Pillar Candle - Black
Wide Pillar Candle - Black

Wide Pillar Candle - Black


These Black Blaze Column pillar candles are made from refined soy wax and perfect for home decoration. All candles in Black Blaze's Pillar Candle collection are unscented. 

Burn time is 25-30 hours approximately. 

A flat, steady plate or candle dish is always recommended for underneath to catch drips. If the wax is dripping too much, simply blow the candle out and wait until the leaked wax has slightly solidify. Scoop up the wax and place it back in the candle, blocking the leak holes. Wait until the wax has completely harden, trim the wick and relight. This will make the burning time longer.

Height: 15cm
Candle diameter: 50mm

Please note that the image colour is reference only. Due to the different lighting and batches, please allow for some colour differentiation. Also due to the handmade nature of this collection, there may be slight imperfections which are not faults - they make every candle unique!