Venus Round Table
Venus Round Table

Venus Round Table


The Venus Round Table is a sleek modern piece featuring a striking "marble" top which is actually ceramic offering superior stain and heat resistance. You'll be smug as with your new table as you benefit from the natural beauty of marble AND be able to eat/drink/spill to your heart's content.

Made from Ceramic top upon a white concrete base.  

Please note, this product is only available for pre-order with an ETA of August. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding pre-ordering.

Measures: 1150mm round x 750mm H


You may have noticed that we have recently been able to reduce the price of this item both in-store and online by approximately 20%.  This price drop is a result of several factors.

We are very pleased to be able to offer these reduced prices for our customers to enjoy, but please be aware that we are unable to offer any additional discounts on this item.