Small Green Merci Bowl
Small Green Merci Bowl

Small Green Merci Bowl

A dinner table can go without a plate, or knife, or fork, but when you remove the bowl and spoon, things can become a bit difficult. Serax's second collaboration with Merci, MEAL x3, embodies a range of bowls and spoons in vairous sizes and colours, to spark some culinary cerativity. In 1986, brothers Serge and Axel Van den Bossche decided to take over their mother's business under the name of Serax. What started with a series of flowerpots and vases soon grew into an extensive range of decorative homewares articles, ranging from the original glassware to elegant dinnerware and decor.  
Today, Serax serves as a design platform, where collaborations are created and nurtured between Belgian and international designers. Following their core philosophies, Serax always retains its ambition of offering its customers accessible, high-quality and functional design.
9 (d) x 5.7 (h) cm
Merci Meal x3
Dishwasher safe.