Apostle Hot Sauce St John Mango, Ginger & Tumeric Bottle
Apostle Hot Sauce St John Mango, Ginger & Tumeric Bottle Label Art

Saint John - Mango, Turmeric & Ginger 150ml


This summery and totally delicious hot sauce contains the perfect balance of succulent mango, refreshing ginger & vibrant turmeric to create a uniquely fruity hot sauce.  

mango puree (53%), apple cider vinegar, carrot, manzano chilli, ginger (2%), sugar, turmeric (1%), salt, pepper. 

Apostle Hot Sauce is a New Zealand owned company started in 2018 by Lydia and Mat in Paekākāriki. Starting out from their local produce markets Apostle Hot Sauce has had an overwhelmingly positive response that has continued to grow. Apostle Hot Sauce uses local ingredients, the peppers are hand picked from Penray Gardens in Ōtaki and the Kawakawa leaves are from Lydia and Mat's own garden. The sauces contain no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or thickeners, instead they rely on fresh ingredients to create our vibrant range of sauces.