Mānuka Honey 300+

Mānuka Honey 300+


Mānuka Honey 300+ MGO

Aotea Mānuka Honey 300+ is the next step up when you are searching for the amazing anti-microbial properties found in manuka honey. With more than double the MGO rating of our Aotea Mānuka Honey 125+, the Aotea Mānuka Honey 300+ packs a serious dose of the active methylglyoxal. It is an anti-microbial warrior.

Aotea Mānuka Honey is sourced sustainably from hives on AOTEA – Great Barrier Island. With the island covered in Tea Tree, this Mānuka Honey is all quality with a certified MGO (Methylglyoxal) rating of 300+. Aotea cares about their bees so they make sure to only take what the bees can spare – it is super important that our buzzy friends keep the lions share so they can thrive through the winter.

Science on Mānuka Honey is well documented. When glucose oxidase (an enzyme incorporated into honey by bees) reacts with glucose and oxygen molecules (moisture in the skin) it produces hydrogen peroxide which kills bacteria. This can be used both topically and is a 100% natural way of curing a sore throat or treating skin irritation and issues.