Lemon honey ginger soda syrup


Pals since the 90's, Joseph & Mike started Six Barrel Soda Co. in 2012 to shake up a flat soft drink market with new flavours and new level quality. They use real ingredients to create classic flavours and new combinations.

Lemon, honey and ginger makes a soothing and warming hot drink to ward off winter chills and a crisp dry soda with a spicy kick for days when you need a little afternoon pick me up. They use delicious raw New Zealand wildflower honey from J. Friend & Co, freshly squeezed lemon and pacific organic Fijian ginger to make this premium syrup.

This is a great little gift, for a birthday or just as a thank you. check out the range of flavours including Raspberry & LemonOrange & DandelionHibiscusCelery Tonic and for a limited time Strawberry & Cream.

If you would like to thank a special someone in your life by getting them one of these selections, we are more then happy to gift wrap it for you and send it directly to them. Please just leave their name - address - & phone number in the note section at the checkout.

Makes 15 drinks