Everdaily Glass Cleaner Bottle

Everdaily Glass Cleaner Bottle


Everdaily's Glass Cleaner Bottle is made to make refilling easy and beautiful. Use this Ever bottle to easily mix Everdaily Glass Cleaner by filling to the lines with tap water and Ever Concentrate.

Let's be transparent, you don't need much product to get those windows sparkling.

500ml Bottle

The spray bottles are made in New Zealand from 100% recycled plastic, RPET #1. They are light, compact and feel good to use. 

Everdaily is on a mission to make your everyday cleaning products, more healthy and more beautiful, with less. Their goal was to simplify the clutter of products that were in our cupboards with the creation of an all in one solution. 

In a category known for its loud and single-use packaging, Everdaily decided to bring some beauty and longevity to the product so you can happily have the bottles sitting on your bench and use them more than once, re-use and re-fill. You can find Everdailys Ever Concentrates here.