Galit Maxwell Curved Vase Earthy Yellow
Galit Maxwell Curved Vase Earthy Yellow top view

Curved Vase - Earthy Yellow


A beautiful vase that features organic curves which is great for bouquets or for storing kitchen utensils

The Earthy Yellow colourway features speckled clay with a glossy clear glaze on the inside and a matt yellow glaze on the outside.

Measures Approx

16.5cm (H) x 11cm (W)

Made from New Zealand stoneware clay and finished with glazes made from raw materials

Handmade in Wellington by Galit Maxwell - shop the full range here.

Each item is individually handcrafted and therefore can vary slightly in shape and shade of colour.

Notes for usage:

All tableware items are glazed inside with clear food-safe glaze unless noted differently.
Do not expose items to sudden change of temperature and speckled pottery is not recommended to be microwaved.