Coltrane clay


Style is a state of mine, thoughts determine character and our actions define us. When it comes to crafting a look and a personal style, we believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve and shooting for the end zone. We built Coltrane clay to deliver on just such ethos. It's for anyone who understands that the best way to get to the dance is to ride along with the band.

Utilizing white clay and beeswax mixed with pracaxi oil and a splash of Brazil wax, this medium hold clay is designed to create the perfect hold for those who want a matte, firm, healthy wave that is flexible enough to mould your own way, but strong enough to keep it that way.

Key Ingredients:

Kaolin/China Clay - Is a soft white clay, used for centuries to make Chinese porcelain. It provides the foundation for Coltrane's effective styling properties.

Beeswax - Adds texture and volume to make your hair appear stronger and thicker. Beeswax also assists in preventing split ends whilst delivering shine and natural protection from the elements.

Pracaxi Oil - Found in the deepest darkest parts of the Amazon, Pracaxi oil is obtained naturally with a cold press, drawing oil from the seeds. It's an awesome conditioning agent and leaves hair feeling smooth and soft. 

Brazil Wax - Commonly used in surfboard wax, this nifty product helps to create hold and assists in waterproofing, giving your look longevity.