Cake Kit - Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate and Raspberry Cake Kit from Sage and Grace, baking in kitchen
Chocolate and Raspberry Cake Kit from Sage and Grace, side view layers

Cake Kit - Chocolate Raspberry


This cake kit whips up a fluffy chocolate cake that is not overly sweet. It has a beautiful nutty flavour from the buckwheat flavour while being nut free. It is the perfect gift for someone who loves to bake and even better for someone who is gluten and dairy free.

It is made from gluten-free flours and is naturally dairy free, and refined sugar free.

Serves 14 - as a double layer cake, or bake into mini cakes/muffins and freeze to enjoy later.

All you need to add is coconut oil, coconut cream, eggs and raspberries. 

Sage & Grace offer a wonderful range of cake kits crafted to be nourishing, full of flavour and delicious by using a creative assortment of organic, wholesome and natural ingredients. Everything is crafted with their own special blend of organic gluten-free flours that work together to enhance flavours. You won’t even taste the difference, it’s not your standard GF! 

Beautifully presented in glass jars with gift-giving and sustainability in mind, these are perfect for giving to those who you know love baking but have dietary requirements and are not sure where to start or may not bake at home because they need a whole range of ingredients. 

575 grams