The Axe Interviews: Lucy Revill

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Lucy Revill is usually the one asking the questions, as the creator of successful local blog, The Residents of Wellington. Her blonde, T Swift-like bob can often be found scouting out the city’s hot spots and chatting to the interesting folk that make up Wellington. We took a virtual seat with Lucy, in our second round of The Lounge interviews.



Your full name: Lucy Jane Revill


Your occupation / what you do?

Policy Advisor at NZX Stock Exchange and blogger at


What’s your earliest memory of home?

I was so lucky to have a happy home growing up, in Karori. My earliest memories are of playing out in the sunshine and picking daisies or with my Sylvanian Families. I also recall my mum eating avocado with balsamic vinegar (slightly odd!).


What’s your favourite newer piece of furniture in your home?

My Phillipe Starke Louis Ghost Chair. I love all their Kartel stuff - it’s so dreamy and instantly pulls an interior together. Also a Rose Gold lamp with a Navy Blue shade I got on sale at Freedom Furniture.


Once a classic, always a classic. Lucy’s Kartell chair in all its glory.



And your favourite old piece?

Our Lounge Suite which we got for $150 from a pop up second hand store. I love that it probably was picked up from a little old lady’s estate sale. I like to think that we’ve given it a second home.


Lucy’s given a new lease of life to her second-hand sofa, with colourful feature cushions. Shop similar here.


If you could cook (or order, let’s be real) a meal for a dinner party of five people in your home, what would it be, who would they be… and what would you wear?

I love hosting people, so I would cook dinner for friends - namely lettuce taco’s (my boyfriend Matt makes the best chilli) or a Roast Chicken - my favourite easy go to.

I’d invite entrepreneurial guru Marie Forleo (, Blogger Lily Pebbles (, my Mum, my friend Megan and facialist Margaret Hema to talk skincare, business, home styling and creativity. I would wear Wilson Trollope, whose new season collection is inspired by Chinese Porcelain (and which I want one of everything!) and shoes from Caughley’s.


Pairing together unexpected colours, such as Lucy has done with navy and rose gold, is the ultimate under-stated statement.


How would you describe your home style?

Eclectic, traditional, quirky. Family hand-me-downs and locally made pieces alongside modern European feature pieces. I also am obsessed by candles, especially Dyptique, DL and Co and Cire Trudon. An expensive habit I can’t afford to indulge in too often.


Lucy’s beloved Diptyque candle, crafted in Paris.


How has this style changed over the years?

I used to think you needed to match things. Now I like to really think hard about what will be the one crazy, contemporary piece to bring a home together. My mother and I have similar style but where she is more classic, I like to pair unexpected colours and give a nod to trends, like marble and rose-gold. Why not have fun!?


As Lucy says, a touch of on-trend materials, such as marble, can instantly lift an interior. The Axe marble side-table, $430.00


If you could have any sitcom apartment or home, whose would it be?

Edwina’s Pad from Absolutely Fabulous! OF COURSE, DARRLING.


Finish this sentence: My home is often…

My sanctuary, my blogging studio and my inspiration.


Do you skew more toward comfort or style?

Style - Hopefully a comfortable variety of…


 Best housewarming gift you’ve ever received?

A Missoni ‘Steven’ hand-towel. 


Practical, everyday items need not be an afterthought, such as Lucy’s Missoni hand towel.


What’s a trend you’ve seen that you might get onboard with next time you re-decorate your home (or a trend that makes you want to re-decorate your home)?

I love the current trend for Hygge and small spaces. I want to make sure every part of my home is functional as well as cosy.


What in your home do you get the most compliments on?

The Oriental Bay location, and the space room.


Are you a “coasters on the table” kinda person, or more of a “stains give it personality” type?

Stains give it personality, but only because I am lazy/normal…


If someone had a $500 budget to jazz up their bedroom, what would your tips be?

Get quality sheets and nice lamps. I can’t bare a bedroom without bedside lamps! It’s my pet peeve.



Make a statement with bedside lighting, that adds both interest and functionality. Formaliz 3D Printed Lamp, $439.00


What are your top 5 home decorating tips?

Go for neutrals as a base like Resene Scotch Mist, Pale Green or Blue.

Add old antique furniture and mix it with modern pieces that are more trendy but well made.

Add ART.

Plants give a room a fresh feel.

Don’t forget heating - especially in Wellington.


Adding art to your space need not be expensive; prints are a great way to give your home personality without the price tag. Just South West Magnolia Print, $45.00


Best house party you’ve ever been to…

I had my 25th Birthday just before Matt and I got together (he was there though!), at my old flat in Mount Victoria. Heaps of people came, I was wearing a killer Huffer playsuit and there was so much love (and three cakes). I nearly cried. It was the start of feeling like a grown-up for me and was the beginning of a wonderful new time in life.


What makes a fantastic house party i.e “house party essentials”

Be generous with food and drink, make sure you’re well-rested and there are enough people, but not too many. Most importantly, have fun and DANCE!


Thanks for joining us in The Lounge Lucy! Check back again for our next segment in The Axe Interviews series.


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