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 From their light filled studio on the Whanganui River, Sara and Zuz create their stunning creations which we love having at The Axe!  We asked them some questions about gift giving....




Sara & Zuz at their Whanganui studio and shop.

What is the gift that you have given that you have been most proud of?

Zuz - last year on my husband's birthday we stayed in a tiny house yellow submarine in Marton.  Built out of a grain silo and spa pool carcass and decked out with a hydraulic door, periscope and submarine noises, it was total fantasy and mad.

(You can check out this accommodation here!

Sara - hand making my daughters wedding dress.  She looked stunning on the day and got exactly what she designed in her mind.  A very intimate part of her journey for us to share.

If you could give anything to anyone, what would it be and to whom?

Zuz - too many options, so let's go selfish.  A Wonder Woman lasso to myself.  That would be cool.  

Sara - a standard pageant answer, a box of kindness to humanity.

One x $50 gifts or five x $10 gifts?

Sara - 1 x $50 on homeware.

Zuz - 5 x $10 on artisan food stuffs and bathgoods.

What are your favourite Christmas food and traditions?

Both of us favour snowy Winter Christmas' and especially Eastern European and German food so we celebrate mid-winter Christmas every year together in Whanganui.
Roaring fires, real Christmas trees, Sara loves German village markets with cinnamon roast nuts and gluwien, Zuz loves Polish borscht and porcini 'ear'dumplings and gingerbread.  Turkey can take a backseat!
Playing board games and singing falalalalalalalala at the top of our lungs, Bond movies and Mary Poppins on TV.

What is the favourite gift you have received and why?

We both agree the small things our kids give us.  A daisy chain, blossoms, hugs, heart shaped rocks and questionable art. It is all very in the moment and naturally fleeting!

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