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"When you know how you think, you get to change how you feel.”
– Knowing, Dr Know.

Moon Turtle, a mood journal, has been lovingly created by two extraordinary Wellington makers, Imogen and Anna.  Two women with absolutely infectious positivity and can-do attitude in an area where their are a lot of words and not always actions.   We adore their products and feel so proud to have them as one of our amazing Aotearoa makers.

Before you ask why Moon Turtle? 
"I was sitting in a noisy bar when I told a pal I was designing a mood journal.  Over the noise, with a bamboozled look on his face, he exclaimed,

'What the heck is a moon turtle?'

Moon Turtle! I decided right then and there that I like 'Moon Turtle' far better than the boring name I originally had in mind". (Imogen)

Imogen & Anna

The Moon Turtle supports anyone (and I really mean ANYONE) who wants to make some improvements to their mental wellbeing, big or little.  You don't have to really know what to do or have done something like this before, you can just give it a go.

It takes 21 days to form a habit and the Moon Turtle is designed to be used for 21 consecutive days to get you in the habit of actively monitoring your feelings and actions.

I have been absolutely astonished with the response to Moon Turtles since we began stocking them at The Axe.  I wondered initially that they would be a bit niche or confronting for some people.  We have discovered the opposite to be true, people of all ages have really responded to having such an achievable and approachable resource and we have sold so many as gifts (they are $12 each -  helllloooooooo gift for the office sweepstake!).


The Moon Turtle also comes in a Junior version. 

Preface from Moon Turtle Junior

If you are some thoughtful inspiration then definitely check out the Moon Turtle website and blog where you will find articles like; Nutrients & Nourishing Yourself, and; Trashing the list of impending Doom and then check out the new addition to the Moon Turtle family, WHAT DID I EVEN DO THIS YEAR? - more about that later, first, we are talking gifts with Imogen and Anna....

What was the worst gift you ever received?

Anna: Off the top of my head, I can’t remember a ‘worst’ gift as such. I’m super practical with gifts and probably a little vanilla. So I’m very strict on the please don’t get me anything unless you really want to, in which case, X, Y, or Z would be really helpful for me right now.

Imogen: I can’t think of a ‘worst’ gift, although people often give me earrings, not knowing I don’t have my ears pierced...

Did you re-gift it?

Anna: For a birthday gift this year, I got a really snazzy glass drink bottle I didn’t really need – I had one at work, and one at home. So I did kinda re-gift it… Not as a gift as such, but I offered it to my boyfriend and he said he was welcome to it if he thought he would use it regularly. So now he has an excellent drink bottle at work too!

Imogen: I do re-gift the earrings because they are usually lovely!

Socks or Undies?

Anna: Socks! Undies are a little personal, I’m very picky when it comes to underwear, socks, not so much.

Imogen: I second the socks vote. I am the world’s pickiest person when it comes to undies (Martinborough-made Thundies are A+)

A $50 gift for one person or a $5 gift for ten people?

Anna: A $50 gift for one person! I hate the idea of giving presents for the sake of giving presents, so if I give a present, it’s thoughtful and genuine.

Imogen: Oooh I couldn’t decide. I agree with Anna here, but then again I really love finding gems for people at opshops (and gifting them to people for no reason at all)

Ferrero Rocher or Roses?

Anna: Roses – I actually have such a soft spot for Turkish Delight. And they’re more fun to share I think.

Imogen: Ferrero Rocher by far. It’s like eating crunchy Nutella one teaspoon at a time.

 What was the first gift you remember getting?

Anna: A purple fairy dress when I was six and I wore that thing day and night for the following three weeks.

Imogen: A purple boogie board. I found it hiding in my grandparents’ hall cupboard. May or may not have been on a present finding hunt, can’t remember. Let’s just say I had to pretend to be surprised when December 25th rolled around.

Do you still have it?

Anna: It got taken to the opshop when I outgrew it – I hope someone got to enjoy it as much as I did!

Imogen: No - I think the cat chewed it to oblivion.

I find those little rhymes really helpful for inspiration!

Anna: Something you want, something you need, something you'll wear, something you'll read. I love getting gifts I can use over and over! And things I would like, but probably wouldn’t buy for myself.


TOP GIFT TIP #1 - save your loved ones from getting to the end of the year and wondering what on earth they had actually done.  The WHAT DID I EVEN DO DO THIS YEAR? journal is $12 and a thoughtful and practical gift.


dates I want to remember forever - from What did I even do this year?

TOP GIFT TIP #2 - this is not a gift tip at all but a quote from Moon Turtle's Instagram page that I thought might resonate at this time of year.

Step one of intentionally weaselling your way out of a rut you might find yourself stuck in.
STEP ONE - Sit with the fact that you have power over how you feel

Sometimes it feels like you don't get to choose how you feel.  You do get to choose how you act.  And the way you act can lead to positive, warm, uplifting feelings, or it can lead to sad, lame, swampy festering, anxious feelings.  Be present in how you feel and remember that you have the power to make a conscious decision to choose action that yields feeling good.  No feeling lasts forever.

Do the action, the feeling will follow.

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