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It feels like a million years ago, but over lockdown we caught up with Tama from Aotea Skincare to talk quarantine survival hacks, card games and find out how the bees were coping…



Top tips for staying sane in a State of Emergency

We’re so used to having a long list of things to do, but with the lockdown, the feeling of being unproductive can make me feel lethargic. Keeping the house in order makes me feel as though I’ve got control over the situation. Plus getting outside in the fresh air for a walk or run can be helpful too, as well as not hitting the bottle too early!


Apparently a lot of people are starting to write their memoir during this time, have you considered it?  What would it be called?

I haven’t considered that, but I do like the idea of writing down your thoughts and goals when you do have time to reflect. I find the summer holidays are a perfect time for that.


Favourite lockdown soundtrack? - why?

My buddy just released their first song on Spotify called Crack, so I’d probably say that because it’s actually really good!


What board or card game are you unbeatable at?  How does your bubble cope with this?

We haven’t been playing board games but we have played over 100 hands of a card game called Dutch. We’ve recorded every game to see who’s the winner at the end of lockdown and I’m currently coming last.


The most satisfying job you have got done in the last two weeks

Cleaning my car! There’s nothing I love more than a clean car.


How are the bees?  Can they teach us anything about how to deal with all of this?

The bees continue to do their thing while in lockdown. It’s interesting that they’ve had their own woes for years. There is a melting pot of contributing factors to their decline, like pesticides, abuse from bee keepers and also a virus that is spreading through the global population. Despite the circumstances it’s really cool seeing people come together and for nations to be galvanised. 


Top tips for skincare during this time (especially during the changing of the seasons)

Our skincare products are all super simple and natural (so natural you could actually eat them!) and the consequence of having natural products is that they’re void of emulsifying agents that dry the skin. And that means that it consists of ingredients that are a bit more raw and hydrating, so perfect for cooler conditions. Our harakeke night cream for example only has 6 ingredients.

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