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Beeswax candles are a great way to bring health into your home. Did you know that these candles emit negative ions into the air? These bond with toxins with help to clean and purify the air. They can be a great benefit for anyone with allergies or asthma. 

Hexton beeswax is collected from their own sustainably managed hives as a natural by-product of honey. It is then hand poured in small batches using only 100% pure beeswax and a cotton wick that contains no lead or metals.

The wax is untreated and uncolored and contains no additives or artificial fragances - just as nature intended. We do not use any antibiotics in our beehives and have our bees are among the most disease free bees in the world. You can be assured there is no antibiotic residues in this beeswax.

We had a chat to Sally from Hexton about gifts and gift-giving.

Hexton bee company candles

What is the gift you have given that you are most proud of?

I always love handmade gifts that show you care that extra bit! Home baking is a great gift. It shows lots of love and when wrapped in a beeswax wrap that they can reuse, its like two gifts in one!

If you could give anything to anyone, what would it be and why?

I would love to buy my kids a tramponline - it's a great way to exericse and get rid of that extra energy

1 x $50 present or 10 x $5 presents?

One $50 present - you dont want a house full of cheap junk!

What is your favourite Christmas food/tradition?

Favourite Christmas food is NZ pavlova for a good kiwi christmas!

What is the favourite gift you have received and why? Do you still have it? Feel free to add in anything else!!

Not a christmas gift - but the best gifts I have ever received are my two kids! :) And yes, of course I still have them! 

You can view the entire Hexton Bee Company collection here.

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