Meet the Maker, Lydia - Apostle Hot Sauce

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Meet our new brand crush!  Aposlte Hot Sauce hand made on the Kapiti Coast and truly delcious - oh and that packaging!!  We chatted to co-founder Lydia about gifts and gift-giving x

Apostle hot sauce at The Axe

What is the gift you have given that you are most proud of?


It was my mums birthday in November and I surprised her and my dad with a dinner Rita in Aro Valley. My mum had just finished studying for her Masters the week before so it was really nice to give them an evening of great food and quality time together after such a busy year. 


If you could give anything to anyone, what would it be and why?

I think gifting experiences is always a great idea, this can be as simple as a meal out, or a ticket to a concert, I like the idea of creating a lasting memory for someone. 


1 x $50 present or 10 x $5 presents? 

Definitely one $50 present, that way you can actually get something good quality and locally made. I’m really lucky in my family we always do secret santa, it takes so much pressure off and means I can put all my effort into that one gift and make it great. 


What is your favourite Christmas food/tradition? 

I have a really big extended family and we always gather for a potluck on Christmas day. There is always so much food, I particularly look forward to my mums famous Pavlova, BBQ salmon and all the delicious vegetarian salads we have. After eating way too much, it wouldn’t be Christmas day without a swim in the sea and some backyard cricket and badminton. 


What is the favourite gift you have received and why? Do you still have it? 

I try not to collect too many new possessions each year, so I was once given a Bin Inn voucher and a Moore Wilsons voucher for Christmas, that might sound boring, but I love being able to get  nice oils, condiments and cheeses that I would never normally justify including in my weekly shop. 



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